How to Make a Windows Xp Boot Disk

When you press the power button on your computer and it just sit

there with none of those clicking and beeping sounds along with

the monitor still having that blank screen,you know that you're

going to have a bad day.

A computer that fails to boot can be one of the most pain

staking things that can happen to a pc user.And in most cases,

the user don't have a clue as to what procedures they can take

to get the PC up and running again.

When you do experience pc bootup failure, always start your

troubleshooting by checking the obvious.It the cord plugged into

the wall outlet and is the other end securely plugged in the

rear of the system unit.

In many cases the cause is a corrupted startup file which

prevent the computer from going through the bootup from start to

finish.In this case, an easy way to start your PC is to have an

emergency boot disk handy.

A Boot Disk contain copies of critical files needed for startup

that you should have made earlier.To use the floppy disk, all

you need do is to place it in the floppy drive and reboot the


As the computer start the boot process, Windows will use the

good files to get itself going.The Windows XP boot disk will

enable you to resolve a corrupt Ntbootdd.sys driver, missing or

corrupt Ntdr or files.

These files are used by Windows XP and are crucial to its

startup and configuration.The boot disk have also repair a

damaged MBR or Master Boot Record.

The MBR is a small program executed when the PC boots and

resides on the first sector of the hard driveIt looks up the

partition on the hard drive.You can create a MBR with the FDISK

/MBR coomand

A damaged boot sector can also be corrected with the boot

disk.Your Windows XP boot disk will be a life saver when you

have pc bootup failure and you need that file for your next


A sector is the smallest unit that can be accessed on a

disk.When a disk is low level formatted, it will be divided

tracks and sectors

When making a boot disk make a mental note of the files being

copied.This will give you added knowledge when you will need to

help in making their boot disk.To make a boot disk, perform the


Place a blank formatted floppy disk in your floppy drive and go

to My Computer in Windows XP.Click the hard drive icon and on

the toolbar, click Tools, Folder Options, and then click the

View Tab.

And scroll down and check "Show hidden files and folders" and

just below uncheck "Hide protected operating system files

(recommended). Now we're getting a little slower.

Take note of this process and as you become more familiar with

this task, you'll be able to make a boot disk for others in no

time and help them save on down time.

After unchecking "Hide protected operating system files, click

OK.Some grayed out files will now be visible in the drive

window.These files are protected system files.

Now you're ready to select the boot, the NTDETECT, and the ntldr

files.Now right-click, click Send To, and select Floppy ( A:

).When you have copied all files to the floppy, you now have a

Windows XP boot disk.

You should make two or more boot disks and place them in a safe

place away from any type of magnetic or static charges.Before

putting them away don't forget to label your life saving floppy


Should you be unfortunate enough to have to put one of your boot

floppies to use, remember to replace the startup files on the

hard drive with the ones on the floppy.

If you overlook this critical step, you'll have the same boot

up problem every time.Take your time as you copy the files and

be sure not to reverse the copy procedure.

This is why its important to make two or more boot disks. This

way should you have an accident with one disk, so what, you paid

attention here and made several copies.

You've done it.You're now armed with a repair tool should your

XP computer fail to boot.All Windows 98, 2000, and Me users also

have the resources to create a book disk.