Cool Tricks on De-puffing Your Eye Bags

After crying a river of tears, having too much booze the night before, or spending little time for sleep, you may find yourself with red puffy eyes. Although you can cover your eye bags with a cool pair of sunglasses, you still have to deal with your eye problem when you have to remove your shades. What's more, bags under the eyes are usually accompanied by other problems such as dark circles or extreme redness.

Puffy eyes usually last for hours or a couple of days. If you are not going anywhere, it is actually good for you to just let nature determine when your poofed-up eyes are going to deflate. However, if you have an important meeting, a date, or you are going to attend a special occasion, having eye bag woes can really be annoying. Here are some tricks on how you can de-puff your eye bags in a jiffy:

Prevention Is Best

Some people are prone to eye bags, while others are not. If you are one of the individuals who seem to be prone to having swollen eyes, then you should stay away from things that are causing your eyes to puff.

If you have an important date, you should remember to sleep well the night before. Also, make sure that you don't go on an alcohol spree, which may be responsible for fluid retention. Getting easy with salty foods may also be a good idea because like alcohol, too much salt can also make you retain much water.

Simple Eye Massage

If you were not able to prevent your eyes from becoming swollen, then do not despair. There are plenty of things you can do, such as performing eye massage to help reduce inflammation.

Using your ring finger, simply massage your eye area in circular motion, starting from your nasal sinuses then to the cheeks. Make sure that you slightly push the skin upwards so as not to cause wrinkles. Repeat the massage for about five times on each eye. Gently massaging the area will help flush out pooled fluid faster.

Soothe Your Eyes With A Cool Eye Mask

Placing a chilled eye mask (choose the one without holes for more coverage) on your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes will help soothe your eyes. Moreover, your blood vessels will constrict or tighten due to the cold temperature. This will help facilitate draining of fluid located beneath the skin under your eyes. If you do not have a plastic eye mask, you can use chilled cucumbers or used teabags.

Stay Away From Hot Beverages

If you have swollen eyes, it would be best for you to drink plenty of cold water or other cold beverages. As mentioned earlier, the cool temperature encourages blood vessels to constrict, which will help in promoting better fluid drainage. Basically, the bags under your eyes are simply water or fluid that was not properly flushed out of your system.

Say No To Exfoliation

It would be best for you to skip using products that have ingredients such as salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, and retinoids. These ingredients could irritate your skin and make swelling much worse.

Skip The Eyeliner

If you still have eye bags even after you performed the tricks above, then you need to skip eyeliner for the day. This makeup is used to enhance the shape of the eyes so if you have swollen eyes, the eyeliner will only highlight the flaw. Instead, use an eye shadow that is of the same shade of your upper eyelid to mask the swelling. You can also sweep the same color just beneath your lower lashes to help cover the flaw.

Since puffy eyes are usually accompanied by other eye problems, such as dark circles, crow's feet and wrinkles, you should use natural and high-quality eye creams. One eye product that could help reduce fine lines and skin discoloration around the eyes is Eyevive. For more details, visit