Fight Cancer

Cancer is the most dreaded type of disease that really makes everyone hear the clock ticking. Most of the time, it starts in the body silently growing into a deadly abnormality. How can we prevent cancer? Here are some of the most recent armors available against cancer.

• For women, get vaccinated. Cervical Cancer vaccine or human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine was fully approved in 2006. Strains of HPV can be spread through sexual contact and the HPV vaccines blocks two known strains of virus that causes cancer. There are two available today, Gardasil and Cervatrix.

• Eat cancer-fighting fruits and vegetables. Avocado is rich in anti-oxidants that reduce the risk of cancer and regulate blood pressure in the body. Carotene rich foods are also in the list, like carrots and tomatoes. Figs have a special ingredient in it, benzahydelhyde, which are known to reduce tumor size in recent experiments and research. The good garlic packs which more than a taste in your kitchen, is said to increase immunity and reduce risks of stomach cancer.

• Grapes, the darker the color (red and black), the more anti-oxidants they hold. Some research shows that regular portions of grapes can slow down the growth and spread of cancer. And of course, in its most famous form, the red wine contains polyphenols that are cancer-fighting oxidants.

• And then there's tea. Not just any tea, but herbal teas, with black tea on top of the list. Tea is powerpacked with polyphenols that protect our DNA and cells, which prevents cancer. Brew it, and serve it warm or cold.

• Reducing the amount of meat-intake can lower your risk of cancer. There are studies that show red meat can induce hormones that can cause cancer, apart from the increase risk of heart diseases.